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Links to other websites about trees in the Netherlands, Europe and the World.

The Netherlands 

http://bomen.startkabel.nl/ - the new startpage for lots of links to sites about trees.

The Dutch Tree Organisation - De Bomenstichting in Utrecht the organisation wich gives information about trees, about tree-care and wich tries to protect trees against the many dangers they experience in modern society. They maintain a register of monumental trees with some 10.000 registered trees.

Treeguide - guide to determinate treespecies in Dutch and English, with lots of pictures.

The Old Postcard and trees - site of Jeroen Pater with information about old trees and old Post Cards in the Netherlands and Europe with tree-pictures of around 1900.

The Old Trees of Europe - site of Jeroen Pater, in Dutch and English. Nice site with several of the oldest and largest specimen-trees of many European Countries, with good pictures.

The website van Regina Jansen about trees in the east of the Netherlands.

De Stem der Bomen , a new Dutch website on trees and mythologie, folklore and art.

Nederlandse Dendrologische Vereniging website of the Dutch Dendrological Society.


Belgian Dendrology - http://www.dendrologie.be/nl/index.php the website of the Belgian Dendrological Society, with a Belgian Treeregister en champion-trees of Belgium at http://www.dendrologie.be/nl/champion.php?page=01

Belgian website of Tim Bekaert about the Giant Sequoia and other monumental trees : 


English version: http://www.monumentaltrees.com/en/

Dutch version: http://www.monumentaltrees.com/nl/

Trees in Belgium part of a large photo - site with many pictures of old trees in Belgium.


Website the Office National des Forêts , the National Forestry of France, with information about old and remarkable trees in the French Forests, " Les arbres remarquables de nos forêts" , with a list of nearly 300 old trees and theit location.

Les arbres remarquables - Website with photos of remarkable trees in France. 

Website in French and English of Jerome Hutin: Venerable Trees of the Earth.

Great Brittain

The Tree Register of the British Isles (TROBI) with information about champion (big) trees of native British Tree- species and , for members only, huge lists with measurements of 3000 trees in the UK and beautiful pictures.

Ancient-tree-forum of the Woodland Trust of the UK, an organisation wich promotes the conservation of ancient trees, with a lot of nice information on veteran trees and their ecological and historical importance in the UK.

Extra service given by Trobi and the Forum is the website Anciet Tree Hunt : here can be searched for old trees on location, species and circumference-class. 

A World of Trees - http://www.aworldoftrees.com/ - website of Jeremy Wilson, to share his passion for trees,  with photos and information.

Treefest a nice websites on Heritage Trees in Schotland, with information and pictures of 100 great specimen trees.

Redwood World - Giant Redwoods in the U.K. - nice site with a lot af information and photos of giant redwoods and their locations, mostly in England. 


The German Website of Jürgen Hüffner, Baumveteranen, unsere knorrigen Freunde, with nice pictures en many links to other tree-sites.

Baeume und Waelder, a German website on trees and forests with very beautiful photography of Walter J. Pilsak.

Andis Alte Bäume www.alter-baum.de a new German site with pictures of a lot of old specimen trees in Germany.

Another new website with beautiful photographs on trees in Germany: http://www.bemerkenswerte-baeume.de

A very recent site about old trees in Germany, with pictures and a lot of information about many German veteran trees: http://www.altebaeume.de/index.html

www.baumkreis.de - a site on trees and mythology.

http://www.baumarchiv.ch/ - website of the International Archive of Trees of Verena Eggmann and Bernd Steiner in Switserland.


http://www.baumarchiv.ch/ website of the International Tree Archive founded by Verena Eggmann en Bernd Steiner in Switzerland.

Eidg. Forschungsanstalt für Wald, Schnee und Landschaft  (WSL) - Swiss Research Institute for Forest Snow and Landscape; very informative on forest research, with the very good scientific WSL journal.

Inventar der Riesenkastanien im Tessin - very informative website of WSL about the tremendous old Sweeth Chestnuth Trees in Tessin, Southern Switzerland. In Italian, partly in German. Beautiful photos. By Patrick Krebs.

Invent of the Swiss Forest - trees with distributionmaps of 30 treespecies. 



ALBERI MONUMENTALI D'ITALIA   - website with database of the monumental trees of Italy, arranged by province, with photos. 

Alberi Monumentali - other website about the monumental trees of Italy. 

Monumental trees of the  Province of Siena, met foto's.


The Spanish website on trees http://www.arbolesornamentales.com/ , with lots of information, pictures and drawings of tree-species and many links to other tree-websites.

Monumental trees of Cantabria: Arboles Singulares de Cantabria


Database of monumental trees in Poland, arranged by region

New Website (in English and Polish) about the old Oak trees of the Bialowieza Forest in Poland, with a lot of information, measurements and photos. Author is Tomasz Niechoda. 

Czech Republic

Register of  ancient and monumental trees in the Czech Republic.


A website of the Turkish National Forest-Institute, partly about Monumental Trees in Turkey, among wich impressive Cedars, Junipers and Orietal Plane Trees.

A new Turkish website, still in development, about trees in Turkey as well as other countries in Europe and Asia with a lot of different themes.

United States of America & Canada

Eastern Native Tree Society - website of a society wich gathers information on native trees in the Eastern USA. A lot of information on forest reserves, with databases on maximum heights of trees and the best ways of measuring them. With a discussion group on native trees and old-growth forests.

The National Register of Big Trees of America. Register of the largest specimen trees of all species native or naturalised in the USA.

The Redwood National Park about the famous National Park in Californa, were grow the tallest trees on earth.

Redwood Grove - a nice site with good pictures of Redwood forests.

Impression of Sequoia and Kings Canyons National Park in California with good pictures of the giant trees.

The Thomas B. Dunklin Gallery , a marvelous site with great photos of nature in the western states of the USA, especially trees and forests (Redwoods and the Olympic Forests in Washington State).

Mighty Trees, part about old trees, mostly in the US, of the big Wodensharrow site on Teutonic mythology.

Cathedral Grove, British Columbia - new website celebrating the big trees of Cathedral Grove, British Columbia, Canada and about the threatenings by commercial woodcutting.

Australia & New Zealand

Giant Trees of Tasmanië website about the giant Eucalyptustrees of Tasmania.

Website on giant trees in Victoria with historical photographs


Tree species

Rose Oak, website about Oaks of Ronni Otake from Californië.

www.greatoaks.eu , a new website in English, Dutch and Polish of Tomasz Niechoda, Jeroen Philippona and Jeroen Pater with photos of some of the mosty impressive oaks of Europe.

Plane trees, website on the different species of Plane trees wich grow in England.

Gymnoserm Database: huge and very interesting and informative database about Coniferous trees all over the world.

-THE GINKGO PAGES- a special website of Cor Kwant about a unique treespecies, the Ginkgo. In English, French, German and Dutch. With a lot of nice pictures.

Redwood World - Giant Redwoods in the U.K. - nice site with a lot af information and photos of giant redwoods and their locations, mostly in England. 

Dendrochronology - the science concerning tree-rings and the relation with climate.

The Tree-Ring Web Pages - very extensive and interesting website with links to a great number of other sites on tree-ring research (dendrochronology).


1. R. Blank. (1996). Beurteilung des Gesundheitszustandes der "1000jährigen Eichen" im Landschaftsschutzgebiet "Ivenacker Tiergarten" des Forstamtes Stavenhagen und Empfehlung von Maßnahmen zu ihrer Pflege und Erhaltung.
Interesting article in German about tree-ring research done on the age of the Oaks of Ivenack, Germany.

2. Al Carder. (1995). Forest Giants of the World, Past and Present. Fitzhenry & Whiteside.

3. Al Carder. (2005). Giant trees of Western America and the World. ISBN: 1550173634. Harbour Publishing.

4. Verena Eggmann en Bernd Steiner. (1995). Baumzeit. Werd Verlag.
Very beautiful book in German about Trees and their cultural and mythological significance with magnificent photographes.

5. J.M. (Markus) Feijen. (2003) Oak, King or Villein? www.dow.wau.nl/forestry/pdf-files/ students/feijen_thesis.pdf
Interesting thesis on the role of the Oak in the history of Dutch and West-European Forests and implications for future forest-management.

6. Hans Joachim Fröhlich. (1989). Alte liebenswerte Bäume in Deutschland. Cornelia Ahlering Verlag. Beautiful German book with descriptions and pictures of nearly 200 old trees in Germany.

7. Hans Joachim Fröhlich. (1990 - 1995). Wege zu alten Bäumen. Kuratorium " Alte liebenswerte Bäume in Deutschland" e.V. Wiesbaden. WDV Wirtschaftsdienst OHG - 12 Volumes.
Nice series about old trees in the federal states of Germany, with descriptions of several thousands individual old trees, alleys and tree-groups.

8. Gerrit de Graaf. ( 1991). Monumentale Bomen in Nederland. Boom / Bomenstichting. 
Book in Dutch about the old and monumental Trees in the Netherlands.

9. Esmond Harris, Jeanette Harris and N.D.C. James. (2003). Oak -  A British History. Windgather Press, Macclesfield.   
A very informative cultural history of a tree and a timber. 

10. Julia Butterfly Hill. (2000). The Legacy of Luna. 
Great and true story of the fight of a young woman to save an old Redwood tree in California from a lumber compagny.

11. Luc Jans. (1994). Dode bomen - Levende bossen. De mooiste natuurbossen. Stichting Kritisch Bosbeheer.
Book in Dutch about old-growth forests in Western and Central Europe.

12. Dr. Owen Johnson (2003). Champion Trees of Britain and Ireland. The Tree Register of the British Isles, Whittet Books. 
New book with extensive database en photos of the largest specimens of 2020 treespecies, with extra attention for the more monumental among them.

13. Owen Johnson & David More. (2004). Collins Tree Guide. Collins.
Excelent and beautifully illustrated guide for the trees of Europe.

14. Stefan en Uwe Kühn en Bernd Ullrich. (2002). Deutschlands alte Bäume. Eine Bildreise zu den sagenhaften Baumgestalten zwischen Küste und Alpen. BLV Verlagsgesellschaft, München.
Beatiful book with good photographs of 160 of the oldest and biggest trees in Germany.

15. Anna Lewington & Edward Parker. (1999). Ancient Trees. Trees that live for a thousand years.

16. Alan Mitchell's Trees of Britain. (1996). HarperCollins Publishers. 
Interesting description of the biggest and most impressive tree-specimens in Britain today.

17. Frank Moens en Roelie de Weerd. (2000). Bomen en Mensen . Een oeroude relatie. Boom / Bomenstichting. 
Interesting book in Dutch about trees and people, an age-old relationship, on mythology, fairy tales, etc.

18. Thomas Pakenham. (1996). Meetings with Remarkable Trees. Weidenfeld & Nicolson.
Magnificent book about 60 remarkable tree-individuals in Britain and Ireland, with glorious photo's, poems, old drawings and nice stories written in a personal style.

19. Thomas Pakenham. (2002). Remarkable Trees of the World. Weidenfeld & Nicolson. 
The second Tree-book of this Irish Landlord, who has traveled four years around the globe to visit some of the most impressive or picturesque trees on the planet. Again one of the most beautiful books on trees ever published, in the same personal style as his first book.

20. Jeroen Pater. (1996). In de ban van levende monumenten. Bomennieuws 1996 - 2.

21. Jeroen Pater. (1997). Monumentale bomen in Frankrijk. Bomennieuws 1997 - 2.

22. Jeroen Pater: Monumentale Bomen in Europa. Op zoek naar de oudste en dikste bomen van Europa. In preparation.

23. Robert van Pelt. (2001). - Forest Giants of the Pacific Coast  
Nice book on the great coniferous trees of the Pacific Coast of America with good photographs and beautiful drawings of the largest specimens of the 20 largest tree-species of this outstanding area.

24. Jon Stokes, Donald Rodger, Archie Miles en Edward Parker. 2004. The Heritage Trees of Britain & Northern Ireland. Published in association with the Tree Council. Constable. London. 
Beautifully illustrated book about trees wich by there age, size or historic interest are important for the heritage of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

25. Frans Vera. Grazing Ecology and Forest History - CABI 2000 Ministriy of Agriculture, Strategic Policies Division, The Hague, The Netherlands. ISBN: 0851994423.
A recently published book wich is set to lead the thinking on what makes a natural woodland.

26. Eberhard Voß & Fritz Rüchel. (2004). Ivenacker Eichen - Tausendjährigen Eichen im Wandel der Zeit. Publicatie van het 'Forstamt Stavenhagen en de Förderverein Ivenacker Eichen.
Nice booklet on the oldest group of oaks in Germany, with lots of hystorical as well as new photos and drawings.

27. Charles Watkins, Christopher Lavers, Robert Howard. 2003. Veteran Tree Management and Dendrochronology Birklands & Bilhaugh cSAC, Nottinghamshire. English Nature Research Reports Number 489. http://www.english-nature.org.uk  
Interesting research on old Oaks in Sherwood Forest.

28. E.J.Weeda, Chiel, Rein en Taco Westra. (1985) Nederlandse Oecologische Flora - Wilde Planten en hun Relaties 1. IVN, VARA, VEWIN.
Very good and beatiful illustrated book in Dutch on the ecology of wild plants and trees in the Netherlands.

29. John White. (1998) Estimating the Age of Large and Veteran Trees in Britain. Forestry Commission of the UK, november 1998. FCIN 012
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